Entry #185

So, it's Madness Day... as fuck

2017-09-22 00:32:20 by DeronMadness

Yes today it's Madness Day... I remember I release a trailer for a MD2017 movie but... I don't have anytime :C

So I didn't make it ;C (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M8HH4Y5vIGk )

I want to make a Madness Movie (not collabs because it's shit).

But anyway...

Happy Madness Day 2017 !!! :D
























































































You nigga -_-



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2017-09-25 13:15:02

Happy late madness day!


2017-10-08 14:14:56

Happy Madness Day man! In regards to making stuff: there's always next year... is what I've been thinking for linke the last ten right now. Some year though.

DeronMadness responds:

I want to make things but I don't have the time unfortunately :(


2017-10-08 15:48:59

Yeah I can relate that. :) Always time getting in the way of all things creative.