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I've put 5 stars (bcz it's my fav character) too early, but I saw some wrong things (even it's a good draw) but I'm kind of lazy, so I'm gonna to say the 2 most important :

-The loop isn't perfect, I noticed some of you draws aren't perfect in the loop, but they're in the details (for example, "Infinite Crash" doesn't have a perfect loop because of the eyes but it's a detail because in this draw the things you stare at are the... you know these... watermelons...)

-About talking things you stare at, the... peach & the... line above, they're blinking & shaking too much, the only thing I'm thinking is : "Is the Queen a gelatin ?"

You can/should improve your draw, and if I can go back to my note I will put a 3/5 stars.

He remember me Simon Henriksson

SM28 responds:

Kinda looks like him yea

"she the actual perfect woman"
Just no.

Word Of Intulo

You still have your menstruations right ?

Not sure Hank is actually a "refugees welcomer"

ChazDude responds:

Perhaps a question for Krinkels' CuriousCat page?

Well so, if his name is "Important" and not "Not Important" I'm gonna to remake his quotes :

My name is important. What is not important is what I'm not going to do... I just don't fuckin' hate this world. And the human worms doesn't feasting on its corpus. My whole life is not just cold, not bitter hatred. And I never wanted to die violently. This is not the time of vengeance and life is worth saving. And I will not put in the grave as many as I cannot. It's not time for me to kill. And it's not time for me to die. My genocide crusade not begins here !

That's look like rape but oh ok

Meth : "shut the fuck up with the rape comments theyre not funny and its making this work feel negative"

Hey chill, that not my fault if you draw hands grabing this girl, that look like rape, if you want to draw something look like "claustrophobia", just draw wall squashing this girl.

Cymbourine responds:

shut the fuck up with the rape comments theyre not funny and its making this work feel negative
youre looking too deep into it

He looks like a girl lmfao²

Omfg Dannon XD²
I imagine the add on the TV with this dude.

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